Opening El Remix

Opening for comedy show El Remix. Completely animated on an iPad, using Procreate. Concept, animation and sound editing by me.

Sports Bloopers Countdown

Short animations meant to be used as transitions for a Sports Bloopers segment.

Todas las mujeres están locas

A man, frustrated after an argument with a woman, seeks comfort in a group of friends who tell him women are simply crazy.

Chickened Out

Poio sees something that cannot be unseen…

Recycling in Switzerland

Small animation about the process of recycling and production of biomass in Switzerland. It was a filler for the lack of videos in that section. Made in Flash and After Effects.

Remembering 9/11

Opening animation for a news segment about the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

La Risa

A short video about laughter. This was all drawn with a mouse (no tablet).

Pin Win Penguin

A penguin goes bowling.

Drama Bowl

A couple of fish grow tired of each other, but they are trapped in the same bowl.