Roberto Clemente’s 3,000th hit – 50th Anniversary

TV ID created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Roberto Clemente’s 3,000th hit. Aired at Wapa Deportes. Concept, 3D modeling and 2D animation by me. Animated on an iPad using the Procreate app. The 3D background was modeled in Cinema 4D.

Wapa Deportes IDs

IDs created for the Wapa Deportes channel. I did the 2D hand-drawn animations. They were animated in the Procreate app on an iPad. Carlos Miranda animated the 3D elements and combined it all together.

Buzzer Beater Graphics

Graphics format for the Top Ranked Buzzer Beater Tournament aired through Wapa Deportes. Pieces built in Adobe Illustrator, then and animated in After Effects. Design and animations by me.

MLB 2022 Graphics

Graphics format for MLB’s 2022 game promotions aired at Wapa Deportes. Concept, design and animation by me.

MLB Postseason 2021

Graphics format for the MLB’s Postseason 2021. Concept, modeling and animation in Cinema 4D by me.

Fishermen Animation

Wiggly-line animation for investigative journalism. It was used as a punchline for a research about corruption among the government and insurance companies. It translates as follows: “Insurance companies, brokers, mayors, donors and a galloping bureaucracy that highlights the phrase that states: ‘it’s good fishing in troubled waters‘”. Animated on the Procreate app with an iPad.

Animation about child abuse and adoption

Animatic for a story about child abuse and adoption for the TV show Cuarto Poder. To view it with audio and in the context it was used, please click here. Animated on an iPad with the Procreate app, and composed in After Effects.