“Suck It Up”

A leaf blower takes his equipment to the limit. Animated in Maya. This was a student film for the 3D Collaborative class at SCAD, where I participated doing the following:

  • Animated the scene of the last leaf falling.
  • Modeled the green bench.
  • Titled the project.
  • Voice acted as “The Jerk”.
  • Composed the music.
  • Played guitar and bass.
  • Recorded the music.


A tiny pig reads and suddenly sees himself in a dangerous quest. Animated in Maya and edited in After Effects. This was a student film for the same class at SCAD. Here I:

  • Animated two scenes and a part of one: The one with the pig falling over a pile of books (0:30), and when he is swinging a sword without looking (1:25). Also animated the coughing book (0:10).
  • Modeled the books.
  • Helped with the lighting.
  • Voice acted as the pig and the dragon.
  • Composed, played and recorded the music.
  • Added a few sound effects.
  • Titled the project.

“Opening Decisión 2020”

Made in Cinema 4D. This was a test for a possible opening for a TV show about politics. The buildings were modeled as cut-out pieces by creating the pieces in vectors and then importing the Illustrator files into Cinema 4D. Then, they were arranged in order to give a sense of depth. Joel Rivera aided me with the lighting and camera depth.